Managing multiple identities on the web

If you have accounts on multiple social channels, it’s hard to get a consistent username across all networks, especially if you have a common name (like me). It’s also incredibly hard for your friends to keep a track that you are a “gauravgupta” on one network, “guptagaurav” on another and “gauravgupta123” on some other.

Moreover, some sites like Orkut (and initially Facebook) don’t even have the option of having a sharable profile URL. I had met somebody on a plane few months back and we wanted to connect on Orkut later on – There was no way I could tell him how to reach my profile!

One thing I do know however is that all my friends know my homepage URL ( To manage this social mess, here’s a simple solution – Create subdomains on your homepage URL, which point to your various social network profiles.

So, for example- redirects to my twitter profile redirects to my facebook profile

and so on. You can find me on YouTube, Picasa, Flickr, Orkut, Google Reader, Delicious, Friendfeed, LinkedIn, all by remembering one URL. And they’re easy to share too.

Neat, isn’t it?

Looking forward to your feedback and comments.

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