Learning to code from scratch – The right way

Do you want to learn how to code? It’s mind boggling how many people come to me to learn programming expecting to “build and launch an app” in 4 weeks. Trust me, it won’t happen. Surely you can copy-paste stuff, steal or clone something that’s already there. But building something from ground up needs solid [...]

My experience with Uber Cabs in Delhi

Uber Cabs has created such a hype of an ultra glam, ultra luxurious cab service that’ll be at your service at the click of a button. You imagine a long black limo with a driver in uniform, ready to salute you when you arrive, greet and pickup your luggage and drop you wherever you demand. [...]

Charge your phone with a USB port fitted inside your car

There are moments when you’re running out of battery on your smartphone and there is no charging socket in sight. I’ve finally found a way to charge all my portable gadgets in the car, without having to buy individual car chargers for each brand/model of products I buy. The car charger is USB based. The [...]

Tata Sky Plus HD Review

Tata Sky has been offering 3 different kinds of set-top boxes since a while, which include Tata Sky+ (with recording but no HD), Tata Sky HD (with HD but no recording) and a bare bones (no recording, no HD) option as well. The reason I chose not to upgrade from my bare-bones box was because [...]

Consider 3G services when switching operators under MNP

Mobile Number Portability has been launched in India and it’ll give a lot of mobile subscribers the freedom to change their mobile operators while retaining their number. Most people have given reasons like “bad service”, “expensive” etc. for switching operators but one more important factor to consider is whether your new operator has a 3G [...]

21 ways to order a book in India

I’m amazed by this mad rush of people trying to sell me books online in India. If you’re like me who reads a lot and probably hunts around for the best bargains before taking out the wallet now has more options than ever to consider. Online: Indiaplaza.in was my old favorite. However, their failiure to [...]

10 Useful Tips for Selling Used Stuff Online

If you are reading this article, you’re among the few people who actually realize how much stuff you’ve accumulated in your house over the years and are probably looking for a way to sell it off. Most people often ask friends and family whenever they are thinking of selling their used stuff. It’s not a [...]

Download movies from the Internet and play them on your TV

First off, a confession – I consider myself gadget savvy but I had absolutely *no* idea that playing movies downloaded from the Internet on a television was even possible. Thanks to an equally techie colleague who mentioned he’d been doing this since years that I realized how foolish I’d been. What makes me feel less [...]

Ordering the latest 6 inch Kindle 3 from Amazon to India

This just might be your “definitive” guide to ordering the new Kindle Wi-Fi, 6″ Display, Graphite – Latest Generation (also known as Kindle 3) from India. If you are planning to order one or simply curious to know how the process of ordering the Kindle in India from Amazon.com is like, this blogpost should cover [...]

Facebook wants to share your information without your knowledge!

As of today, there is a new privacy setting called “Instant Personalization” that shares data with non-Facebook websites and it is automatically set to “Allow”. According to Facebook: “You’ll find a personal and social experience the moment you arrive on our select partner sites — Docs.com, Pandora, and Yelp. We’re working closely with these partners [...]