Introducing, ClipPod!

After many years of “thinking”, “considering” and “planning”, I finally had the guts to leave my day job and my higher-than-usual salary to take up the journey of my dreams – Starting my own company. I will leave the journey bit for another post (and that will be quite a lengthy one!) but here’s what I would like to talk about right now – My first major product release, which I call – ClipPod.

ClipPod makes Google Calendar social by adding shared notes and attachments to your Google Calendar events. How does that help? Here’s a sneak peek:

1. Think of everything that happens before, during and after a meeting. Files, discussions, presentations, MoM – What if you had everything at one place, without running back and forth between e-mail, calendars and your hard drive? What if you had a ready reference of what happened in the last meeting, without struggling to dig back into countless email threads?

2. Are you sync’ing your favorite project management tool back to your Google Calendar? Trello? Asana? Github? How about using Google Calendar as a project management tool by itself?

I think the possibilities are exciting! I could go on and explain everything here, but that’s what the ClipPod homepage is supposed to do, isn’t it?

ClipPod is currently in public beta and will remain completely free forever for everyone who signs up during the beta program.

Try out ClipPod today.

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