Sony Vaio VGN CR35G and CR36G Review

Sony caught my attention with some really neat ads in the print media with a large range of colorful notebooks in shades of Blue, Red, Silver etc. with a pretty girl holding the laptop covering half her face with the laptop. The Sony tag line reads “All eyes on you”. Having been impressed with the […]

Dell XPS 1530 Vs. Sony CR35G/36G

Of late, I have been caught in the middle of a laptop buying decision. With a budget of Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 60,000, I am spoiled for choices, with each brand I see claiming to sell me the best of what they have. (Yes, 60k is good enough to get a good high-end laptop today!) […]

Sony VAIO Laptops gives electric shocks !!

Yes, SONY has given a shocker yet again, and this time it’s a rude one. Sony laptops/notebooks have become notorious for sending mild electric shocks to the user from the laptop’s metallic armrest. After a bit of Googling (try searching for “sony vaio electric shock”) and experiencing a few mild shocks myself, here is what […]