Ordering the latest 6 inch Kindle 3 from Amazon to India

This just might be your “definitive” guide to ordering the new Kindle Wi-Fi, 6″ Display, Graphite – Latest Generation (also known as Kindle 3) from India. If you are planning to order one or simply curious to know how the process of ordering the Kindle in India from Amazon.com is like, this blogpost should cover […]

Sony Vaio VGN CR35G and CR36G Review

Sony caught my attention with some really neat ads in the print media with a large range of colorful notebooks in shades of Blue, Red, Silver etc. with a pretty girl holding the laptop covering half her face with the laptop. The Sony tag line reads “All eyes on you”. Having been impressed with the […]

Dell XPS 1530 Vs. Sony CR35G/36G

Of late, I have been caught in the middle of a laptop buying decision. With a budget of Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 60,000, I am spoiled for choices, with each brand I see claiming to sell me the best of what they have. (Yes, 60k is good enough to get a good high-end laptop today!) […]

Sony VAIO Laptops gives electric shocks !!

Yes, SONY has given a shocker yet again, and this time it’s a rude one. Sony laptops/notebooks have become notorious for sending mild electric shocks to the user from the laptop’s metallic armrest. After a bit of Googling (try searching for “sony vaio electric shock”) and experiencing a few mild shocks myself, here is what […]