Ordering the latest 6 inch Kindle 3 from Amazon to India

This just might be your “definitive” guide to ordering the new Kindle Wi-Fi, 6″ Display, Graphite – Latest Generation (also known as Kindle 3) from India. If you are planning to order one or simply curious to know how the process of ordering the Kindle in India from Amazon.com is like, this blogpost should cover […]

Indian celebrities on Twitter

Indian celebrities usually leave no stone unturned to keep their popularity ranking high, whether it is by creating controversy, endorsing brands, appearing on TV shows or even owning an IPL cricket team. I noticed that a few of them have also adopted Twitter, which upto now was only for the creme-de-la-creme of the tech community. […]

Apple seeking divine blessings for iPhone 3GS launch in India?

Rumors of the upcoming iPhone 3GS launch in India might be true this time. The iPhone was supposed to launch in more than 30 countries in the final phase, and it seems that the iPhone is already out in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Egypt and Peru. Going by the latest rumor, the iPhone is set to […]

Top 10 reasons why iPhone 3GS will be a success in India

1. Just like Nokia phones, we were waiting for iPhone 3G prices to drop. It never happened. Then why wait with 3GS? 2. Apple announced a tentative launch date way back. We’ve all saved up the cash. 3. It has been a year since 3G launch. We were all hoping for an “iPhone killer”. It […]

Lucknow hum par fida aur hum fida-e-lucknow

Travelling to Lucknow, a historic city known for it’s tehzeeb, ‘murga’ and paan was something I was waiting since long. Finally, a friend’s wedding and a desperate need take a break gave me the perfect opportunity to plan the trip. (This blog post is meant to be a guide for people visiting the city… how […]

iPhone Launch in India – Will Nokia survive the hype?

The Hindu reports, “Appleā€™s iPhone, the touch screen handset that acquired a cult status in the US and other western countries, will be available to Indian mobile users through private telecom operators Bharti Airtel and Vodafone Essar from August 22, giving competitors like Nokia, Samsung and others a run for their money”. The first part […]

Orkut Mobile and Orkut Low Bandwidth released

Orkut has released a mobile version of the site, which can be accessed from your mobile phone on http://m.orkut.com. The mobile version allows you to read your scraps, view your friend’s birthdays, friend updates, browse through your friend’s list, view their profile (though not everything in the profile can be accessed) and send them scraps. […]