21 ways to order a book in India

I’m amazed by this mad rush of people trying to sell me books online in India. If you’re like me who reads a lot and probably hunts around for the best bargains before taking out the wallet now has more options than ever to consider. Online: Indiaplaza.in was my old favorite. However, their failiure to […]

Ordering the latest 6 inch Kindle 3 from Amazon to India

This just might be your “definitive” guide to ordering the new Kindle Wi-Fi, 6″ Display, Graphite – Latest Generation (also known as Kindle 3) from India. If you are planning to order one or simply curious to know how the process of ordering the Kindle in India from Amazon.com is like, this blogpost should cover […]

Entrepreneur magazine now in India

Entrepreneur magazine has been launched in India from September 2009. I got my first issue and found it totally worth it. This is a great addition to a fantastic line of products by the Network18 group in India. Also worth checking out are T3 and the recently introduced Forbes India magazine.

Top 50 Technology and Business Books – Part 1

1. Direct from Dell by Michael Dell – Talks about Michael Dell’s early life, obsession with computers and electronics, founding of Dell and Dell’s direct to customer business model. 2. iCon Steve Jobs by Young and Simon – Coming together of Steve Jobs and Wozniak, starting Apple computers and Steve Jobs eventually performing the “greatest […]

Recommended Reading – The One Minute Manager

The One Minute Manager is an amazing book about how managing people takes so little time and effort, if done correctly. The book is about a guy walking into an office wanting to learn about how good managers do their jobs. He comes across a man who calls himself “One Minute Manager” because it takes […]