The Uber and Ola menace nobody seems to talk about

It’s more than 3 years now since I wrote my blogpost on my Uber cabs experience in Delhi. Ever since then, the post became wildly successful (my referral code was used to the extent that I did not have to pay for taxi’s for more than a year) and so did Uber and other companies. But with all this growth and success has come a lot of chaos. Even though we are all affected by it, nobody seems to talk about it.

1. Idle drivers have started forming “taxi stands” everywhere they can find some space to park cars. Residential areas are turning into parking lots for drivers and cab owners.

2. Drivers who have just got a booking request wander around their designated pickup points and often park at wrong places to wait for their customers. They are often seen driving while talking on the mobile phone, presumably with their next customer on where to meet them etc.

3. Moving cars often have drivers who don’t even know where they are going. All they are doing is matching their “dot” to the “route” on their GPS navigations. Unsure drivers drive slower, reduce the average traffic speed and also take sudden unplanned turns.

More than half the cars I see around me these days are commercial cars carrying passengers of some app based taxi service or another, so there’s no denying that these services are here to stay. But Uber, Ola and others – Please train your drivers on the above points and prevent our already choked roads from turning into a complete mess.

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