Simple trick to make your Uber rides safe

In light of the recent rape case of an urban metrosexual girl by an Uber cabbie and the rumors following the incident about the lack of verification records etc., here’s an easy way to keep yourself protected against such incidents from happening in future:

When you’re looking for a cab, don’t book it yourself. Ask a friend or a family member to do it for you.

See how this helps:

1. The friend knows the name and number of the driver and the car which has come to pick you up.

2. He can keep a watch on the movement of the taxi and see what route the driver is taking. Incase anything seems out of place, he can instantly call you and check if everything’s alright.

3. Incase you are in trouble, he knows (atleast to some extent) your exact location and could rush for help.

4. He can immediately inform the police about the car’s number and location even if you may not be in a position to do that yourself.

Yes, there are some hassles of letting your friend pay for you and then getting that money back etc., but the safety benefits you get in exchange definitely outweighs that.

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