Car cleaning done right – This is what you should be using

It’s hard to maintain a car scratch-free in a city like Delhi but it’s not too difficult either. Especially when you know the right tools to get the job done.

On my last visit to my car’s service center, I asked the service manager what products he uses to clean up cars everyday. He showed me what they were, I brought them from a car accessories shop in the market, used them for a couple of years and then finally sharing it here, on my blog.

Luckily they were 3M products, which are known to the best in the world, so I had absolutely no hesitation in trying them out anyway.

1. 3M Finesse It – Practically removes every hairline scratch from your car’s body. Applying it is as simple as applying cold cream on your face! The way it works is by gently thinning the color around the scratch and filling it inside the scratched area.

It’s so neat, you won’t believe it. If scratches are easy to fix, people may not get too angry when they do get a scratch. That means lesser road rage and happier people.

2. Meguiar’s NXT generation car wash – If you live in a housing society like mine, where car cleaners will not even bother to soak their cloth in water before rubbing your car every morning, a car wash will come in handy.

When your car is out in traffic, it picks up smoke and oil fumes from the surroundings which settle on the body and the glasses. Plain water is not enough to wash them away. Use this once a month or so. You will instantly get the original metallic shine back on your car! Meguiar’s is also a 3M company now.

I just wish more people knew about these things!

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