Finding the authentic Panchhi Petha store in Agra

Besides the Taj Mahal, Agra is also well known for it’s Panchhi Petha and Dal Moth. As one would expect, hundreds of look-alike brands and shops have sprung up all over the city, in an attempt to fool travellers into buying their brand. Don’t fall into the trap. “Best” Panchhi Peta, “New” Panchhi Peta etc. are all fakes!

The best way to find out the address of the original store is from none other than the Panchhi Petha store’s website! They have 4 stores in Agra and 2 in Delhi. Their addresses can be found here.

The one I personally visited was the one at Dholpur House (Opposite State Bank Of India) and bought almost 5-6 varieties of Petha and a couple of packets of Dal Moth. (Warning: There’s a petha shop right next to the Panchhi Petha store here as well!) Needless to say, they were all unique (tasted unlike anything found in Delhi) and very well prepared. Definitely worth trying out!

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  1. Panchi Petha is actually very awesome. I live in Agra and i know the value of its outlet. They now also offer some fantastic pethas such as Pan petha etc.

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