e-Waste disposal and recycling in India

I always thought that e-waste disposal and recycling was a non-existent concept in India, till I came across these companies-

1. Attero

2. Ecoreco

3. E-Parisaraa (Thanks Ambuj)

Like most Indian households, even my house is filled with tons of old and obsolete gadgets which I no longer use.

But, Indians typically refuse to let go of anything unless they’re paid for it. Even if it means that it’ll continue to lie around their house for ages. Yes, they did pay a hefty sum for it when it was the hottest thing around. But giving it to the local kabari wallah, who has no idea what to do with it except weighing it in kilos and giving you a few pennies in exchange, is not the correct way to dispose it.

Considering the rapid innovation and ever decreasing “shelf life” of electronics, it’s time we also take responsibility of correctly disposing what we owned.

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