The journey is the reward – Eating out on the highways in India

Sukhdev Dhaba at Murthal – Murthal’s paranthas have been famous since years, but some people still wonder which dhaba to stop by. As soon as you enter Murthal from Delhi side, you will see a range of dhaba’s on your left. Keep crossing them all till you reach Sukhdev, probably the biggest and most popular one in the lot. Sukhdev is hard to miss, given the hundreds of cars standing outside.

Try the “Aloo-Pyaaz” parantha, which is the best one among the lot. The others are quite ordinary in comparison. Gulp it down with the loads of white butter served along. Then order a cup of hot chai, which again is extraordinary. Don’t miss the sweet and sour saunf served after the meal. If you like it, you can buy a pack from the shops adjacent to the dhaba.

Floating restaurant on the Amritsar-Delhi highway – Roughly 3 hours from Amritsar, there’s a small little “floating restaurant” on the highway. The food is pretty regular, but the interesting thing about this place is it’s location. Located in the middle of a canal, fitted on a set of air-filled tubes and even tied up by ropes, this is an interesting place to sip down some coffee. The place is also famous because buses coming to India from Pakistan routinely stop at this restaurant for lunch.

 Highway King on the Delhi-Jaipur highway – With “Midway” no longer as popular as it used to be earlier, “Highway King” has quite literally emerged as the new highway king. The food is OK, but the place is spacious and a good place to take a break. If you are coming to Delhi from Jaipur side, then Sagar Ratna is a better choice to stopover compared to Highway King. However, Sagar Ratna does not operate 24×7, which is quite a stupid idea, especially when it’s located on the highway.

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