Interesting places for eating out at Kanpur

You can leave it to a foodie (like me!) to discover interesting places to eat even where supposedly none exist. Take Kanpur for example. Would you believe if I told you that Kanpur is the place to find one of the best Kulfi’s you can ever have?

Thaggu ke ladoo – Famous for it’s ladoos, which are undoubtedly very good. Also try the “Badnaam Kulfi”, which again is excellent. I was told that some scenes of “Bunty aur Bubli” were shot here.

Baba Biryani – Just a few shops away from Thaggu, Baba serves good Biryani in Kanpur. Compared to other cities in India (like Hyderabad), it’s quite ordinary but I can guess this one is popular among the locals for the lack of a better alternative. The shop opens only around 1 PM, so if you are hoping for an “early brunch” like I was, you would be disappointed.

Antarang in Rave 3 – Antarang is a popular fine dine restaurant in Kanpur. Though I could not manage to visit it personally. There are 2 Rave malls in Kanpur, so be careful which one you land up in.

Meetha Paan – Try the meetha paan on the roadsides. It’s fascinating how the same old betel leaf tastes so different in each city!

My stay in Kanpur lasted for only a day, so I am sure I missed out many other good places. Add them in the comments below.

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