Gaurav Gupta

Work Experience


I am currently the founder of ClipPod. ClipPod adds realtime collaboration to Google Calendar

Naukri is India largest job site. I was responsible for managing Resdex, Naukri's highest revenue generating tool, allowing recruiters to search through jobseeker resumes. Resdex gets close to half a million hits every day.

SlideShare - LinkedIn

I was directly responsible for development and upkeep of the SlideShare API and Search frontend. I also led the strategic projects of launching SlideShare applications on LinkedIn, Facebook and XING.


Educomp is India's largest education company. I was in the development team of StudyPlaces, LearnHub and JumboTests. The apps were focussed towards lead generation and helping students get admitted to colleges abroad.

TIFR, Mumbai

Developed a proof of concept for Reverse Dictionary system at Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai. Research paper was selected and presented at PerMIn 2012 Indo-Japan Conference at CDAC Kolkata in January, 2012 (Page 122)

Microsoft Imagine Cup

iBot Intra Site Search was selected by Microsoft among the top 20 projects from all over India and presented at the Microsoft National Project Exhibition held simultaneously with Imagine Cup 2006, National finals.

GPS Based Vehicle Tracking

VTS, implemented at AEM, uses Global Positioning System (GPS) to keep track of position of vehicles in real time and is now being used by major transporters to keep track of their vehicle fleet.

What I'm good at

Vast technical expertise

Hands on with PHP, Apache, MySQL, Ruby, Javascript, jQuery, Backbone.js and MongoDB. Programming since the age of 6.

Writing clean, organized code

Writing top quality, easy-to-understand code which does not require frequent refactoring.

Server setup and scalability

Setting up application servers on AWS (or other web-hosts) and scaling it up as the app grows

Measuring product impact

Understanding which parts of the app are being used most often. Analyzing funnel flow, user behavior, performing A/B tests etc.

Rapidly building web products that scale

Getting web products to market quickly, and start collecting real user feedback fast

Growth hacking and online marketing

Promoting products online, through organic and inorganic channels.

Building and managing technical teams

Building and managing small and mid sized engineering teams

Brainstorming product ideas and roadmaps

Brainstorming product ideas, what features to build and roadmap of the product ahead.

Feel free to connect with me.

E-Mail me at or call me on (+91) 9911-951-949